How to create a Group Deal

What if your buyers could receive a discount if they purchased a large quantity of a product? We allow our vendors to create group deals, which are special discounts that are triggered if enough people purchase the item. You can also offer Group Deals for services.  If you are trying to sell off a large batch of coral frags, for instance, Group Deals would a great way to clear off inventory.

Offering Group Deals is a great way to clear inventory and get a lot of new customers.


Benefits of Group Deals
There are many benefits for vendors as well for buyers in group deals. In a group deal, a vendor can sell more goods in a short time and become popular among buyers, they may deal with the same vendor next time. In this way, a vendor can build trust among buyers community which will lead to his success. Using the “Minimum and Maximum deals” section a seller can limit his product sell for a specific group. Using the “Group Buy available date” the seller can set a specific time discount on his products. Moreover, buyers can have a handsome discount from the sellers in a group buy.

To add a Group Deal product, you have to go to the edit product form, after creating a product. Choose the “Group Deal” option from the Product Type selector, also add its Title, Category, and Tags as we have previously discussed. Don’t forget to add a picture of the Product.


Select “Group Deals” as the Product Type after you create a product.


Now add a good description as we have done. The long description sections are helpful to provide care information for aquarium livestock, while short description sections are good for providing a quick summary of the product.

Don’t forget to add a summary to each product in the short description.


Adding attributes

Editing or Adding an attribute is not available in Group Deals, however, you may link products and use a Timer Option for different actions. You may enable a bulk discount, as we have to discount our product in a Group Deal, so, we are leaving this section blank.

In the Timer section, you can select when you want the product to be available, when you would want it to be discounted, etc.


Setting a Group Deal

In Group Deals section (halfway down the page), there are several options to set your Group Deals;

Enter the details of your group deal here.


Minimum Deals
It is the number of deals that a group would have to make, several persons in a group may vary but they have to make at least 4 deals to buy products.

Maximum Deals
It is the maximum number of deals that a group can make. In our case, we choose 12 so, a group can make not more than 12 deals.

Maximum Deals per User
In a group there are several people may be present. We have to choose how many deals a user in a group can make. Let suppose we choose 1 as in the given example, it means that a single user in a group can buy no more than 1 deal. We also can increase the number of deals per user in a group.

Group Buy Price
We have to write a discounted price in the “Group Buy Price” section. It will be the price of your product in the future. It should be lower than “Regular Price”. In our example, we have discounted a 53$ product to 45$.

Group Buy Available
Using this feature you can choose a specific time frame during which “Group Buy” is available to your customers. You can add time along with a date. In the given example we added 2019-08-12 10 PM as opening time and 2019-08-14 as closing time for our group deal.

Other Options
At last, using “Other Options” you can choose Product status and Visibility as Online or Offline and Visible or Hidden. You can also add a “Purchase Note”, that will be sent to the customers on buying your products. As for our purchase note, “Thanks for Purchasing Fish” is what we used.

That’s it for creating a Group Deal. Group Deals are a fun way to shop and can net you (no pun intended!) a lot of new customers who’ll come back and do business with you in the future.

Zain Ali

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