Our Mission

FishList was created in 2018 by a group of veteran fishkeepers who wanted to advance the aquarium hobby and make it more accessible for ordinary aquarists to own exotic and rare aquarium livestock. We wanted bring new species to the market and promote fishkeeping to the wider community. Our vision was for vendors and hobbyists alike to share and exchange stock and to protect populations of endangered species by breeding these species in captivity. We were inspired by the story of the butterfly goodeid, Ameca splendens, whose survival was once linked only to a few captive populations.

A global aquarium

We want to increase the range of aquarium species available to fishkeepers by connecting aquarium hobbyists to fish collectors and breeders throughout the world. Users will be able to custom order whatever species or strains they would like to purchase. We want to streamline the shipping process and make it easily for reputable and experienced trans-shippers to do business with hobbyists who want to want to buy foreign stock. Our goal is to make once-rare and expensive aquarium livestock available to everyone.

For sellers

As former sellers of aquarium livestock, we want to make selling aquarium livestock online safe and simple. We currently do not change any fees or commissions. We offer a full suite of selling tools, from group deals and auctions to pre-orders and ShipStation, to make selling fast, easy, and affordable. Sellers can control every step of the selling process, from marketing to inventory management.

For buyers

We want to give hobbyists the possibility of creating any aquatic world they would desire. We want to make buying aquarium livestock simple, safe, and risk free. We release the money to sellers only after a transaction has been completed, allowing buyers the option to have fast and easy refunds (after a thorough review by our staff). Buyers can chat with vendors in real time through our chat systems, getting information on livestock care and other things in short order. In addition to Group Deals and Auctions, we also allow our buyers to do pre-orders and be on the WaitList of rare products.

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