3 Staurogyne Repens



3 Stem of Staurogyne Repens around 1-2 inches tall

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Due to state laws and regulations we can not send plants to California , any orders from CA will be canceled.

Plant color, size, and shape may vary significantly depending on how the plant has been grown. We often send plants in emersed form (grown above water) or partially submersed form (grown in water), they will convert easily and quickly one placed in water. Photos are just examples of what the plants can look like, plants are not guaranteed to look like any of the photos when they first arrive. So many factors like lighting, co2, and fertilizers play a part in the size, shape, and color of the plant, experiment and grow them how you like! Plants may lose some leaves, turn slightly yellow, or lose some color during shipment especially shipments that take 3 days or longer. If plants arrive in poor condition please contact us and send photos of the plants

We make buying from us as risk free as possible, we offer 100% guaranteed live healthy arrival in the rare event of damaged plants you must contact us within 2 hours of delivery to notify us of the problem, please take 2 clear photos of any damaged plants. The guarantee is void after 2 hours of delivery. WE DO NOT ISSUE ANY REFUNDS WITHOUT PHOTOS. Refunds will be per damaged plant, any replacements will be sent at no cost to you, if the entire order is a loss shipping will also be refunded. Please bring live animals and plants inside promptly after delivery, the insulated box can only protect them for 1-2 hours max in direct sun, hot mail boxes, and freezing temperatures. If you wont be home for delivery please have the package held until it can be picked up.

Plants may arrive with snails, duckweed, or other harmless plants / critters. A simple bleach dip / rinse will remove them.

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