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Aquarium Business Lessons

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Our Mission

FishList was created in 2018 by a group of veteran fishkeepers who wanted to advance the aquarium hobby and make it more accessible for ordinary aquarists to own

Why sell on Fishlist?

Professional and vetted sellers FishList helps buyers, especially those new to ordering aquarium livestock online, by vetting vendors who want to join FishList to sell their products. In

How to Add Simple and Variable Products

Adding products on FishList is simple. First, sign in the FishList with a vendor account, or sign up as a new vendor. Now click on the sell button

Shipping and ShipStation

Shipping on the FishList is not easy only for the vendor, it is also easy for the buyer. For vendors, however, there are several things to take note

How to create a Group Deal

What if your buyers could receive a discount if they purchased a large quantity of a product? We allow our vendors to create group deals, which are special

How to Create Auction Product

FishList allows you to list your products for sale in an auction. An auction basically allows you to list products for sale at a starting, minimum price, and

How to sell on FishList

Selling on FishList is fast and easy. To start, first make an vendor account. Click on “Register” in the top right of the screen, in the header. This will

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