Why sell on Fishlist?

Professional and vetted sellers

FishList helps buyers, especially those new to ordering aquarium livestock online, by vetting vendors who want to join FishList to sell their products. In this way, you will encounters professional and vetted sellers. There is a much smaller chance of scams and delivering the wrong products by sellers because they are already vetted. We regularly check for unwanted activity to ensure a safe and secure atmosphere for buyers and sellers alike. Our support staff is ready and will respond to your concerns within hours.

WaitLists and Pre-Orders

While there are many different species of rare fish, inverts, plants, and corals on sale at the FishList, there are many others that haven’t yet been listed on site and or are out of stock. You won’t want to miss them. Don’t worry, we have introduced a feature for this problem. You can add a runout stock or a new lunching product before lunching in your wishlist, so you get notified when their stock may be updated by vendors. In this way, you can keep an eye on your favorite product. Vendors also are notified that their products are in users’ WaitLists and they can see that it would make sense to bring that product back to market. They can also give you a special discount for adding that product to the WishList.

Vendors have to invest a lot of their time and money to bring new products to marketplace, but our pre-order system allows them to calculate their risk and it allows you to demonstrate your interest in a product. Using the Pre-Order feature, you can order when a product is not in stock in the vendor’s shop or are on backorder. In this way when new stock will arrives, your product will be delivered to you.

Full-featured auctions

FishLists allows vendors to create auctions for their products. By participating in an auction, you can have another chance to buy a product even if you don’t win an auction – vendors are allowed to auto-relist their auctions, allowing you another chance. Auction start from a specific price which increases up to the highest bid. You can bid on the product according to your budget – you don’t have to pay the full amount you bid, but rather how much it would take to beat the next highest bidder. The auction also reduces the time to purchase that product in a way that when you win the bid you can instantly buy the product, canceling a long session of negotiation with the vendor. Moreover, auction start and auction end time are known, which further help a buyer by reducing the time for auction wait. You can see what auctions you have bid on my going to the “Auctions” tab in the menu.

Frequently bought together and add-on products

Unlike any other online marketplace, vendors on FishList can set add-on and similar products for each product they offer, as well as frequently bought together deals. Add-on items are the vendor’s personalized recommendations for a product they offer – if you are, for example, purchasing a specific type coral, a vendor can recommend special foods and other accessories that help you take care of the coral. Through our frequently bought together products, you can get an extra discount from the vendor – the vendor sets a special bundle price or discount for the products he selected.  If you need more than one product from the same vendor, then you can ask for a special deal from the vendor. Through these features you can get an additional discount; since vendors combine shipping, you can less for delivery than if you were buying from separate vendors and you may redeem a discounted price on the given product from the vendor.

Pay when you receive it

It’s frustrating to receive aquarium livestock dead, not healthy, or not as described and then having to make a return and go through an arduous return process. On FishList, we send payment from buyers to vendors only after delivery, when the customer marks the delivery as completed. In this way, we ensure that our customer receives alive fish or the same described product with no major damage during the delivery process. If there becomes a problem between customer and vendor, and the customer wants to cancel the order due to damage to the product then we return the money of the customer as soon as possible.

Shipping support and ShipStation

Shipping Support always helps customers to understand the process, so that they can enjoy maximum benefits. If you purchase a huge amount of products then you can avail of free shipping, vendors have set the different number of products on different products for free delivery. You can see those numbers during the purchase. Moreover, you can also select the date or day of the week which you want your delivery for each product. If you aren’t at home this week, just select next week for the vendor to ship out your livestock. That way, you will be home to receive it.

Fast and dedicated customer care

Active customer care is one of the most important features of FishList. We provide 24/7 customer care service to our customers. We typically reply within a few hours for any query because we care about our buyers and vendors, their time and their livestock.

Bonus for new users

We don’t charge any commissions or fees from vendors, therefore, you can get your aquarium livestock and supplies at lower prices. As other online stores and selling platforms charge at least 10% to 30% on sales from vendors as a commission, you will see higher prices of the same products in other online marketplaces.

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